Ooh La La! French Perfume Bottles

The French have always been stereotyped as the ultimate in romance and fashion. French perfume bottles have been coveted in designer perfume circles since the bottles are often very ornately designed and the perfume that is in them is the top of the line. There are many people who will collect perfume bottles since they are like little pieces of art with each one having a different design and flair to it. Often there is a glass cabinet or shelf in the bathroom or dressing room where the bottles can be placed on display for an elegant flair. French perfume bottles come in many different shapes and sizes, and are ornamented with different labels and embellishments that set them apart from other bottles of perfume.


With French perfume bottles or any other type of perfume, there are different ways that the perfume is dispersed from the bottle. There are some, less expensive perfumes, that have a roll on method of applying the perfume which reduces the chance for spills and allows the perfume to be applied evenly to the skin. There are others that have a stopper in the bottle where the base of the stopper can be used to apply the perfume to the skin. One danger with this method is that it is easy to spill the remaining perfume in the bottle when applying it, which is a frustrating and expensive mistake, since perfumes rarely run less than fifty dollars and many run ten times that.

A more common method of applying perfume is through a spray, either an atomizer or a traditional sprayer that is at the top of the bottle. These are nice methods of applying the perfume since they also provide an even layer of the perfume to the various areas where it is applied, and also allows the perfume to settle on the clothing that is worn without the danger of staining it from the oil of the perfume since the mist is so light.

French perfume bottles are sold in antique perfume shops as well as in regular stores today. There are some bottles of antique French perfume which run one hundred dollars just for the bottle. Other antique bottles that have the perfume still in them will run even more than that, often up to five hundred dollars for a bottle that is in the original packaging, which makes it a rare find. There are other French perfume bottles that are rare because of the precious metals and stones that are used on the bottle to accent the design, and will run much more expensive on the market today.

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