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Viktor & Rolf for cheapViktor & Rolf’s first fragrance ‘Flowerbomb’ was released in collaboration with L’Oreal in 2005. According to Dana Thomas' book "Deluxe - How Luxury lost it's Luster", the 'juice' that would come to be known as Flowerbomb was first created by L'Oreal in response to a brief given by another perfume house. After the initial perfume house rejected the proposal, L'Oreal sat on it for three years before Viktor and Rolf chose it for Flowerbomb. Talk of the designers having creative input into the actual fragrance are, therefore, nothing more than marketing hype. Flowerbomb was L'Oreal's first collaboration with a fashion designer for seventeen years, when they worked with Giorgio Armani. Although they had no creative input into the composition of fragrance itself, Viktor & Rolf invented the name, and were given creative freedom to design the grenade shaped bottle and gift wrap printed packaging. Flowerbomb’s official launch coincided with the collection of the same name (Spring/Summer 2005). Several variations of the fragrance and packaging have been released since including a lighter summer version and Flowerbomb Extreme. ‘Petite Flowerbomb’, a travel sized version was released 2009.

‘Antidote’ the first fragrance for men was released in 2006. Like Flowerbomb, Antidote’s launch accompanied a fashion collection ‘Ballroom’ (Spring/Summer 2007). Of the fragrance, Viktor & Rolf state it is "all about the power of transformation. The power of every individual to turn anything into something positive”.

Some cheap Viktor & Rolf  perfumes

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