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Mont Blanc Individuel for cheapCustomer Review:

The scent of Montblanc Individuel itself is phenomenal, and since it isn't an overplayed cologne it always stands out. Mont Blanc products aren't available in the big department stores like Macys & Dillards (at least not in Dallas), which is a plus as far as I'm concerned because you will probably be the only one rockin this scent in the office and among your friends. In a market where the only way to stand out is to price out (Creed cologne I am lookin at you) it is a delight to find something in a more reasonable price range.
This perfume is a complex, crisp, clean (non-musky) cologne that wears well all day and is not overpowering. I love it so much that I actually ordered the accessory products, which is not my status quo.

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