Expensively Artistic: Crystal Perfume Bottle

There are many different choices in perfume bottles that are on the market today. Often perfume is bought as a loving gift for a woman who will not normally spend much money on herself. Perfume can be quite expensive, and the cost is not lessened by the cost of the production of the bottles that it comes in. Often it is the shape and design of the perfume bottle that sells the perfume that it inside of it.

Some perfume companies will imitate antique perfume bottles since they are often more ornate and have a certain appeal to collectors. There are also crystal perfume bottles that are on the more expensive side and are also often in perfume bottle collections. Sometimes perfume companies will put out their perfume in a bottle that will only be made for a limited time, made for a special occasion which will provoke perfume bottle collectors to buy it so that the bottle will be worth more over time.

Many Choices

When searching for a crystal perfume bottle, the individual needs to decide what type of an application process for the perfume is desired. There are two ways to apply perfume to the body, either to dab it on using the applicator on the bottle, or by spraying it on through the typical sprayer or a diffuser. Once this decision is made the individual can start narrowing down the decision on the type of crystal perfume bottle.

There are some companies that specialize in making crystal perfume bottles, creating them like a piece of artwork that the individual will want to keep in their collection. There are some bottles that look like a flower, many times a rose since they are a richer flower, from top to bottom, with the entire bottle being a part of the creation. Bottles that have a stopper in them are often more ornate than those with a sprayer since so much can be done with the stopper itself. The stopper can be made into a variety of features, such as a ladybug, a butterfly, a type of flower, or just a funky design.

Sometimes there is silver or gold around the stopper and around the crystal perfume bottle itself to accent the design and give the bottle a more exquisite appearance. There are some companies that sell these crystal perfume bottles in sets for weddings or for use as a party or room favor in hotels or women's conferences. These sets usually contain very small buy unique bottles of perfume that have the company or person's name on it for a personal touch.

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