Choosing the Perfect Perfume Bottle

When choosing a perfume, often the perfume bottle is what sells the perfume, since many perfume bottles are very decorative and contribute to making the perfume so costly. There are different materials that perfume bottles can be made out of, such as crystal or glass perfume bottles. There are also bottles that are from different eras that no longer contain perfume, since the perfume would have long since evaporated over time, but the antique bottles are so beautiful that they are collected. Different countries are also known for their perfume bottles, such as France, and bottles from France are prized for collections.


There are some perfume bottles on the market that are sold as wedding favors. These bottles are usually highly decorative, or have a flair for the dramatic. Often these bottles will have a spray feature in which the woman squeezes a little ball that makes the spray emit from the bottle like debutantes used to do in old movies. Others are bottles where the woman only dabs the perfume onto her wrist rather than spraying it. These bottles usually have more decorative lids to them and also have an applicator as part of the underside of the lid so that the woman does not have to touch the perfume with her finger to dab it onto her wrists, neck, chest and other places that she might want the attractive aroma of the perfume.

Although most perfume bottles have a clear appearance to them, there are others that are made of a colored glass or crystal, such as a rose color or a green. These give the perfume bottle a richer appearance to it. There are also stoppers to the bottles that are made in different shapes, such as a butterfly that seems to perch itself on the top of the perfume bottle. In other cases, the perfume bottle itself may be in a certain shape. Heart designs are popular, where the bottle resembles a heart shape with a stopper that is also in a certain design, such as a flower that seems to be coming out of the heart, or an arrow that seems to be piercing it. Other perfume bottles will imitate the hourglass shape of a woman's body, with a string of pearls around the stopper so that the entire bottle looks like a mini statue, a piece of artwork. There are also sets of perfume bottles that allow a woman to choose how to apply the perfume, whether by dabbing it on or by spraying it, with the perfume distributed between the different bottles.

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