Choosing a Glass Perfume Bottle

Most perfume bottles are made of glass, although there are also some that are crystal perfume bottles, which are normally more expensive. Since perfume bottles come in such a variety of different shapes and designs, many of which are like miniature pieces of art, some people collect them, and have a cabinet or shelf created where they can store the bottles in the bathroom or dressing room. There are also some nicer hotels that will offer some of these bottles as gifts for their guests to take with them. These glass perfume bottles are normally very small but decorative, and have the name of the hotel engraved on them, which is a nice touch from a marketing standpoint.

Types of Bottles

Glass perfume bottles come in such a variety of different shapes designs it is hard to describe them all. Often, even with one pand of perfume, there are different ways that the bottle can be designed as far as being able to apply the perfume to the body. There are diffusers which are an older style of application, where the woman will squeeze a bulb that will allow the perfume to be sprayed out of the bottle. There are the typical glass perfume bottles that have a sprayer on the top of the bottle that the individual simply depresses with their finger so that the perfume comes out. Others only have a nice applicator at the top of the bottle that also serves as the stopper so that the individual pulls off the stopper and dabs the perfume onto their body wherever they would like it for that alluring aroma.

There are some glass perfume bottles that come in different shapes and designs. Sometimes the perfume bottles can be tall and rectangular shaped and at other times short and rectangular or square shaped. There are some bottles that are shaped in an hourglass shape, which makes the bottle easy to hold onto during application, as well as imitating the sexy curvature of a woman's body. There are others that also have a rounded shape to them but are shorter, at times using a type of metal to ornament the bottle. Glass perfume bottles that use stoppers will often have a very ornamented look to the stopper. Sometimes the stoppers can look like a flower or butterfly that is perched at the top of the bottle. There are also roses, pearls and other ornamentation that make the bottle look more expensive and beautiful overall.

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