An Expensive Choice: Antique Perfume Bottle

For perfume bottle collectors, there is nothing more precious than an antique perfume bottle that has never been used and has been sealed so well that the perfume within it has not evaporated and is still as good as it once was. These collectors will not shop at wholesale perfume bottle shops, since truly unique finds cannot usually be found there. Instead, they will shop at antique perfume bottle shops that specialize in acquiring these unique and rare bottles from all over the world. There are many antique perfume bottles that are envied by collectors from France and Germany, although there are rare finds from most European nations.

Choosing a Bottle

When choosing an antique perfume bottle, individuals must expect to pay at least one hundred dollars for the bottle, and it may truly be the case that all that the individual is getting for that price is the bottle that once held the antique perfume. Many of these bottles are exquisitely crafted out of crystal and precious metals and stones, so the bottle itself is precious and envied as a collectable. For bottles of rare or discontinues perfumes where the perfume is still intact, the price goes up dramatically in most cases, with individuals spending at least two hundred fifty dollars, if not much more for a precious and rare bottle of antique perfume.

There are some bottles of antique perfume that were made only for a short period of time and are still in their original packaging. Such bottles are the rarest, since the individual who purchased the bottle in the first place would have had to be a collector so as to not have opened the packaging and left it intact long enough to become a collector's item. There are some perfume dealers who have been in business long enough to have saved rare bottles over the years so that they can now sell them as antique perfume bottles in their stores.

Many of these antique perfume bottles have unique designs on them, where the glass is carved into scrollwork of flowers and vines, or it is opaque with a rose appliqué that is encircled with an emblem of gold. Each bottle has its unique shape and application method to it, such as an aerator or a glass stopper in it. The bottles with a glass stopper usually are more ornate since there is much more that can be done with the stopper. However, some of the spray bottles have a cover over the sprayer so that more of a design can be created.

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