A common Choice Perfume Spray Bottles

Perfume spray bottles are a popular choice for applying perfume to the body. One reason for this is that they are easy to use, they apply the perfume fairly evenly on the body, and they are not messy or prone to spills like other forms of perfume bottles.

Perfume spray bottles can be found in modern perfume bottles as well as in antique bottles, in addition to French perfume bottles or perfume from other European countries. Perfume spray bottles also come in a couple of different ways to spray the perfume, from the typical spray nozzle that is at the top of the bottle which is easily depressed by the finger to spray it, to the atomizer which is an older means of spraying the perfume through squeezing a little ball that is attached to the bottle that pushes air into it and allows the perfume to come out in a fine spray.

Types of Perfume Bottles

There are many people who collect perfume bottles from different eras since perfume bottles are usually so ornate. There are antique shops that specialize in these collectable bottles of perfume. Many times individuals will pay over one hundred dollars just for the perfume spray bottle since it is antique and ornately designed, even though there is no longer any perfume in it. Other bottles that still have the perfume in it can cost upwards of two hundred fifty dollars, and if it is still in its original packaging, then the cost rises even further.

Perfume is expensive no matter where it is bought, usually ranging in the fifty to one hundred dollar range per ounce depending on the pand in the mid-range perfumes. The upper range of perfumes can run over one thousand dollars per bottle, and the bottles are usually made to be collectable, being ornately designed with crystal and precious metals and stones.

On the lower end, there are some wholesale perfumes that can be obtained for a much less expensive price. The problem with less expensive perfumes is that they usually do not last as long as the more expensive ones and also tend to have a more alcohol smell to the fragrance, so that the scent is not as pure as more expensive brands. Besides perfume spray bottles, there are also some perfumes that allow the individual to roll on the perfume (usually in less expensive brands) and also perfumes that allow individuals to dab on the perfume by using the base of the stopper.

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